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Wind power is one of the most environmentally friendly forms of
large-scale power we have today

Arctic Wind is owned 100% of Finnmark Kraft. The company is located in Havøysund, Finnmark.  

Havøygavlen Windpark is owned by Arctic Wind AS, 100%. Located 100 km south of the North Cape in the Måsøy municipality in Finnmark, Havøygavlen is the world’s northernmost wind park consisting of 15 N80/2500 kW turbines and 1 SWT-3.0-101/3000 kW turbine with an annual output of around 90GWh. The wind turbines each have 2.5MW and 3,0 MW capacity. The N80 wind turbines were supplied and installed by Nordex, also responsible for the park's operation. The turbines are 120m high, blades included. The SWT-3.0-101 windturbine were supplied and installed by Siemens WindPower, and this is 131 m high. They feature rotor blades which, when combined, cover an area of 5,000m² and are able to produce energy at wind speeds of up to 25m/s. Average wind speeds on Havøygavlen are around 9m/s. The blades are made of glass fibre-reinforced polyester and weigh about 9,000 kg each.

The N80 2,500kW speed-variable wind turbines used at the Havøygavlen Park are of a three-bladed design with an 80m rotor diameter. Operable in wind speeds of 4m/s to 25m/s, their asynchronous, double-fed, liquid cooled generators can provide up to 2,500kW at 660V. Pitch control (via a wind vane-monitored yaw system) is achieved through two geared motors operating on the geared yaw ring. The blades, which turn at up to 19.1rpm, drive a three-stage planetary-spur-gear gearbox with a 1:68.1 gear ratio, in which the bearings and tooth engagements are constantly splash lubricated.

The  SWT-3.0-101 3000 kW features a new, gearless drive train design with a compact, synchronous generator, excited by permanent magnets. The permanent magnet generator is simple and robust design that requires no excitation power, slip rings or excitation control systems.

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